The "M & O of Fratelli Liantonio Srl" has been the leader in the market for the sale of shelled and shelled, organic and conventional almonds for years. Although the core business is related to mandorlic product, we market olives for conventional, organic oil transformation.

Since 1996 Our mission is clear: after years of experience in the field, the company has evolved to market the product in Italy and abroad. A company, a reference point of thousands of producers in the north of Bengal, dedicated to import and export, inclined to support business strategies and marketing policies that have enabled it to acquire important market shares in Europe and beyond.


The "M & O of Fratelli Liantonio Srl", to date, is a flexible company that can plan in the medium to long term in order to innovate using technological advances and modern management methods. It does all kinds of work, making it competitive at all levels.

Our philosophy?
Our philosophy? Be able to place the product on the markets while recognizing the right price for farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs, still more visible policies on organic products that provide a surplus to our sellers compared to current market prices.
Ezio and Francesco Liantonio represent the third generation of a family that is inclined to entrepreneurship: the project of Grandpa Isidoro, continued by Daddy Vito today is evolving to the point with the market focusing on the quality and the typicity of production.

Products from the marketed company are: almond oil, hard shell shells and clams, sweet shelled almonds (hand-selected) both natural and peeled, california almonds, Spanish almonds, sliced almonds, sticks and almond grain, olive oil for milling. We provide any area of Italy and not.


Peeled Almonds


Almond milk


Towards the end of winter, when the branches of fallen leaf trees are stripped off, the almond is covered with white flowers to announce that spring is approaching.
Talking about almond blossoms and their fruit means talking about a territory, pedestrian zones, and the rediscovery of ancient varieties that, in a unique environment and passionate people, are re-presented to the gourmets and lovers of ancient flavors.

In the Palo del Colle agro, the pedoclimatic characteristics of the Murgian and Premurgian territories enhance the organoleptic properties of the numerous cultivars present in the area, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art farming criteria.
In cooking, sweets and soft drinks, but also in medicine, perfumery and cosmetics, the use of this seed is almost indispensable.

The almond fruit can be consumed directly both toasted and raw and used in almond paste, mandarin almond paste, almond milk, etc.), contains, in percentages from 38 to 58, oil used in various industrial activities, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.
Almond panes, which are left as a by-product of oil extraction, are used in the manufacture of chocolate, livestock and pharmacy, and those from almonds are extracted with distilled water and the essence of almond. Mortarash is used in the manufacture of soap and lye.


Our products comply with certified quality standards and controls.


Easy to reach from both the city, which is about 15 km away, and from the airport of Bari-Palese, about 13 km., and from the A14 motorway, about 10 Km. Palo del Colle is at the center of two state roads (ss96 Bari-Altamura, ss98 Bari- Foggia). The company is located in via Ten M. De Ceglie, 30 in the northern suburbs of the village, very easy to unload and load the products.

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